6 Tips for a New Trader-How to Become a Profitable Trader

There are a few things you need to do in order to become a profitable trader. First, you need to develop a trading strategy that is based on sound principles. Second, you need to be able to remain disciplined in your trading practices. Finally, you need to be able to identify profitable trading opportunities, and 6 tips for new traders.

The list of typical success traits such as discipline, focus, passion, commitment, determination, and confidence can be found in almost every trading book and, if applied the right can act as a framework for achieving success in all aspects of life.

Here are a few tips on how to become a profitable trader:

1. The Law of Large Number probability in Trading:


The law of large numbers states that as the number of trials or observations increases, the probability of an event occurring approaches a certain percentage. This is sometimes referred to as the law of averages or the law of large numbers.

The stock market has an irritating way of fooling even the most talented mathematicians. Logic does not always seem to enter into its behavior since human beings are involved as well as computerized trading programs. so even theories of mass psychology and the law of large numbers do not perfectly translate.

This law can be used to help traders make better trading decisions. For example, if you are trading a currency pair and you have been trading for a period of time, you can use the law of large numbers to help you determine how likely it is that you will make a profit in your next trade. The more trades you have made, the more data you have to work with. This allows you to make more informed decisions about which trades.

2. Find a trading style that suits your personality:

I am really more of a go-with-the-flow kind of person when it comes to trading. I like to take things as they come, not stressing out too much about the details. That said, I do have a preferred trading style.

If I am trading stocks, I like to be very hands-on and interactive with my portfolio. I will often check on stocks multiple times a day, and will even do live trades if the opportunity arises. I also like to be very aggressive with my trades, which can lead to some big profits over the long term.

When it comes to commodities, I am a bit more conservative,

I have always been a people person. But I enjoy talking to people and getting to know them.  also like to be able to read people and figure out what their personality is like. But I think this is why I have been successful in trading.

I like to trade short-term. I have found that I am able to make more money this way.  Also, I like to trade with a trend. Also, I will buy when the market is going up and sell when it’s going down.

I think this trading style is perfect for me. Also, I am able to make a lot of money.


3. Develop Your Trading Plan:

When you first start trading. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what to do, where to do it, and when to do it. To help you get started, we have put together a guide on how to develop a trading plan.

There are a few simple steps to follow:

  • Make your Trading plan
  • Understand your risk appetite
  •  Decide your capital
  • How much Risk per trade
  • Decide your time frame
  • Always adhere to stop loss
  • Which market do you want to Trade
  • Decide your Trading style is scalper or Trend following

4. Time to execute your Trade:

Now that you have your trade setup and know your risk and reward, it’s time to execute! I would like to suggest beginning really small when you are a new baby, your capital should be small that will not affect you emotionally if you are losing money. Here are a few tips to help make your trade as smooth as possible:

  • Make a list of what you need to do before, during, and after your trade. This will help you stay focused and organized.
  • Set a stop loss and a take profit. This will help you minimize your losses and maximize your profits.
  • Make sure you are using a reliable trading platform. This will help you stay safe and maximize your profits.
  • Make sure you are watching your trade closely. This will help you stay.
  • Break-even
  • A Small win
  • A big win
  • A small loss

5. What is your favorite strategy to execute a trade?

There is no one specific strategy that is better than all the others. However, some traders prefer to trade based on technical analysis, while others prefer to trade based on fundamental analysis. Ultimately, the best strategy for you to execute a trade will depend on your individual trading style and the markets that you are trading.

In the short run, your trading results are good random, which means you need a minimum of 50 trades, ahead of going up the conclusion whether your trading strategy functioning or not. Never jump from one trading strategy to another because you go through 5-6 losing trades. Try to new strategy and stick to your strategy


6. Record your trades and improve your trading performance:

Trading is a very important part of any financial plan. one of the best ways to improve your trading performance is to keep track of your trades and maintains a trading journal of profit or loss. You can use a trading journal, or simply make a list of your trades and the prices at which you traded them. This will help you to remember the situations in which you traded and the results of your trades. Additionally, it will help you to improve your decision-making skills to learn from your mistakes.

Record along with your trades, also important to capture your chart analysis and mention the exact place and time where you take entry and exit, these records of the charts will be beneficial for future reference.


Every trader wants to make money but to become successful you need to find ways to use good strategies that will make money.

To learn high probability Chart Trading patterns and Day Trading Strategies.

Lastly, review your trade after 50 trades based on your performing strategies and identify whether your strategy is working.

After doing 50 trades consistently, you can review whether your trading strategy is good or not in markets. If your trading account is increased after 50trades then great going on. It is good for your trading strategy in the market and you have nearly 10% of profitable traders.

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